For more than 50 years, PPG has provided major commercial and household appliance manufacturers with protective coatings that add durability, color and style to their residential and commercial equipment.

With a comprehensive range of liquid, powder, e-coat and pretreatment appliance coatings, PPG provides the right formulations to ensure color harmony, application efficiency and long-lasting resiliency.

Our color stylists and designers work to develop color palettes and finishes that are the forefront of the latest trends, while our engineers develop innovations that deliver hardness and flexibility, plus exceptional resistance to stains, scratches, chemicals and corrosion.

PPG's global presence, innovative formulations and technical expertise make us the coatings provider of choice for many of the world’s top appliance makers.

Featured Products

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  • PPG POWERCRON® Electrocoats

    Powercron coatings provide exceptional corrosion and/or UV protection. Various options are available whether formulated without Tin catalyst, or being color stable. PPG POWERCRON® 6th Generation high performing cationic epoxy finish and PPG POWERCRON® 9XX and 8XX Series acrylic finishes fit well in this segment.

  • PPG ENVIROCRON™ Powder Coatings

    PPG is a trusted industry leader in the quality, development and manufacturing of powder coating innovations. The PPG Envirocron family of powder coatings are preferred by many OEM's and coaters because they combine great aesthetics with high-performance, and are formulated specifically without VOCs.

  • Pretreatment and Engineered Products

    Pretreatment products by PPG include an array of advanced, corrosion-fighting surface cleaners, as well as zirconium-based and zinc-rich primers. Many are specially engineered to integrate with PPG liquid coatings, powder coatings and electrocoat solutions to prolong product life and performance.


    Formulated with advanced resin technologies, Spectracron and Durethane solvent-borne coatings deliver solutions for a variety of end-uses. This liquid portfolio can bring customizable colors and color styling to meet your customer's needs. This technology is capable of being applied in a variety of application methods, to a range of substrates, and with a wide cure range including ambient cure.