Automotive Parts and Accessories

A global innovation leader in the automotive parts and accessories industry, PPG provides coatings, sealants and adhesives for a broad array of substrates and external, internal and underbody parts to every major domestic and foreign automaker in the world.

Backed by award-winning R&D, our best-in-class products advance the looks and functionality of automobiles, including autonomous and electric vehicles, while helping to improve process efficiencies.

Our integrated electrocoat, pretreatment, liquid and powder technologies for primers, basecoats and clearcoats are engineered to meet or exceed OEM specifications for corrosion protection, performance, durability and color.

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Featured Products

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    PPG's ultra-durable polyester powder system is comprised of PPG POWERCRON® electrocoat and a smooth black PPG ENVIROCRON®  powder coating. Developed to meet stringent automotive OEM requirements for color and gloss retention, the system offers exceptional durability for exterior trim parts.


    Based on innovative patent-pending technology, the Envirocron Extreme Protection dual-coat powder system is specially formulated to provide exceptional chip and corrosion resistance to extend the life of high-tensile automotive coil springs on OEM vehicles.


    PPG pioneered dielectric powder for electric vehicle batteries for a major automotive OEM to enhance battery safety. PPG's patented proprietary formulation prevents overheating and provides exceptional electric insulation, ultimately eliminating electric arcing.

  • PPG AQUACRON® Liquid

    Easy to apply and fast drying, Aquacron waterborne liquid primers and topcoats are engineered with proven breakthrough technology for industrial finishing. Aquacron solutions provide an alternative to solvent-based coatings where flammability and solvent exposure issues are critical.

  • Electrocoat Solutions

    PPG is a leader in epoxy and acrylic electrocoat for industrial applications. Our Products include black and grey cathodic epoxy electrocoat, PPG POWERCRON® 6th Generation products for use on automotive parts as well as its HE (High Edge) versions for both frame and small part specifications, as well as PPG POWERCRON® ADVANTEDGE™.