Office Furniture and Equipment

Meeting the industry's highest standards for aesthetics and protection performance, PPG is the worlds foremost provider of coatings for office furniture, storage and locker systems.

Backed by an R&D lab that is a leader in product development for metal office furniture, our coatings combine exceptional durability and mar resistance with thousands of colors, shades, gloss levels, textures and finishes.

PPG's world-renowned color styling and development includes fast turnaround color matches, small batch matching capabilities for unique color palettes and unsurpassed, batch-by-batch color consistency. In fact, PPG products are held to the highest standards for color and gloss.

Our coatings ingenuity and legacy in color makes PPG the partner of choice for some of the world’s leading office equipment and furniture manufacturers.

Featured Products

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    Envirocron powder coatings are formulated to meet the performance demands of the metal office furniture industry with stain resistance, hardness and UV durability for protection that lasts, plus the industry’s tightest, batch-by-batch, year-by-year color consistency.


    With excellent adhesion and strength, Envirocron HTE powder is ideal for complex, difficult-to-coat surfaces. Available in durable and ultra-durable proprietary formulations, this innovation helps to increase output while reducing material usage, energy consumption and maintenance costs with first-pass transfer rates of up to 85 percent.

  • XMR Metallic Coatings

    PPG XMR Metallic Coatings deliver outstanding color consistency and protection in a broad range of bonded and blended metallic technologies. These mar-resistant coatings offer improved durability in high- wear applications with lasting metallic brilliance.

  • Elevation Color Series

    With rich anodized metallic finishes, this line of unique tints are available in small-batch and large-batch quantities with fast turn-around color matching and production lead times. Not available in Europe.