PPG has solutions for every layer of steel and aluminum wheels, center caps, inserts and trim for light vehicles, big trucks, motorcycles and sports vehicles.

Our Global Wheel Center of Excellence is dedicated to the development of next-generation high-performance wheel coatings.  This specialized expertise, coupled with our portfolio of e-coat, primer, pretreatment, liquid coating and powder technologies, helps OEMs solve their application, performance, styling and environmental challenges.

An industry color leader, PPG participates in the design phase of the OEM wheel color process. Our extensive portfolio of wheel color solutions range from standard solids to ultra-premium, high-travel liquid colors, textured powders and a variety of high gloss, matte and metallic finishes.

Featured Products

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    Envirocron coatings are a comprehensive range of powder technologies engineered to deliver innovative solutions for every application. Envirocron products are specifically formulated without volatile organic compounds (VOCs), making them the first choice of many OEMs, manufacturers and applicators in various industries around the world.


    Enviracryl acrylic and polyester powder clearcoats are formulated for external applications providing high gloss colors with maximum smoothness. Typical applications include automotive clear coats and general outdoor gloss metal products. In fact, Enviracryl is a world’s leading powder automotive clearcoat for class A-type finishes.


    Formulated with advanced resin technologies, Spectracron and Durethane solvent-borne coatings deliver solutions for a variety of end-uses. This liquid portfolio can bring customizable colors and color styling to meet your customer's needs. This technology is capable of being applied in a variety of application methods, to a range of substrates, and with a wide cure range including ambient cure.

  • PPG SPECTRACRON® Ultra-Durable Monocoat

    Spectracron UDM is a one-component carbamate acrylic coating technology designed to bring exceptional durability to the steel wheel market without having to apply a clearcoat. This coating is available in solid and metallic colors with a wide gloss range for customizable finishes.

  • PPG AQUACRON® Liquid

    Easy to apply and fast drying, Aquacron waterborne liquid primers and topcoats are engineered with proven breakthrough technology for industrial finishing. Aquacron solutions provide an alternative to solvent-based coatings where flammability and solvent exposure issues are critical.