What is outgassing?

During the curing cycle, volatile ingredients may be emitted from the surface which can cause surface contaminants and imperfections in the finish coat. Potential sources of volatiles other than the powder ingredients include primer coatings that may be underneath the powder coating, metal pretreatment conversion coatings, and oils, moisture, or other contaminants that are on or in the substrate prior to coating. If excessive amounts of volatile substances are generated late in the cure cycle, they may create defects in the forming film.

What is Underwriters Laboratories?

Underwriters Laboratories (UL) is an independent, not-for-profit corporation, which focuses on development of safety standards and testing of products to those standards. UL has particular expertise in electrical safety.

What are the optimal storage conditions for powder coatings?

Optimum conditions should be defined on a product-specific basis. Every powder product has an individually defined shelf life rating that is related to its storage temperature. You’ll find this information on the product data sheet.


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